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John's HeartMath®Journey



     In 2010 I sold my business and dedicated myself to learning how to restore my health through energy healing. Forty years of entrepreneurial stress and strain, failed relationships, and depleting habits had piled up, leaving me with high blood pressure, an autoimmune disorder, debilitating back pain, sciatica, and a tumor. My health issues were acute and painful. They triggered a persistent desire to have health without pharmaceuticals. Using HeartMath™ techniques and the Inner Balance app, I experienced substantial relief. Intuition was the paramount HeartMath™ generated improvement. I finally had some.

     My newfound intuition led me to the practice of releasing depleting emotional energies (suppressed emotions) trapped as a result of emotional mis-regulation (stress) and emotional trauma. I discovered how to release trapped discordant (incoherent) emotional energies using tuning-fork frequencies coupled with intuitive guidance. My health improved dramatically. I was experiencing radical remission. I had graduated from mere symptom management to true wellbeing.

     Opportunities to help others end their suffering appeared: from totally disabled to starting a construction company in ninety days, thirty years of Fibromyalgia pain gone in seven sessions, knee pain gone in a single session. It appeared that releasing trapped discordant emotional energies could lead to healing and even radical remission. I opened my practice in September of 2018. Thriving Energies™ mission is to enable people to end their suffering (physical, emotional, financial, psychological) and empower them to be the greatest expression of themselves: healthy, happy, fulfilled. 

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     One night during an autoimmune episode I was awakened by pain. I connected to my HeartMath™ Inner Balance to see if coherence biofeedback practice could lessen the pain. After accumulating 1000 coherence achievement points, the pain lessened. I took that as a sign that 1000 coherence achievement points was an important level for me. 1000 became my daily minimum. Those who have followed my suggestion of 1000 as a daily minimum have similarly experienced profound improvements in their lives.

     I call the people I work with STUDENTS. Some come to me totally disabled, some very ill and some psychologically wounded. Radical remission and health without pharmaceuticals are the ultimate objectives. They learn to thrive.

     I begin by using tuning fork frequencies to uninstall negative (incoherent) trapped emotions and discordant energies. The releasing process usually brings immediate relief or reduction of suffering.

     I teach the HeartMath™ method so students learn to sustain regenerative emotions and interrupt and replace old depleting emotional patterns. Coherent regenerative behaviors activate the immune system, support the natural healing processes and build resilience.

     Negative brain bias is very powerful. Students must develop an effective method to support and sustain a positive (de-stressed) state of consciousness or old patterns that created trapped depleting emotional energies, and ultimately dis-ease (disease), return quite easily.

     I have found the HeartMath™ method, techniques and technology to be very efficient and effective ways to embody Thriving Energies™ and be healthy, happy, intuitive, and connected.

...And Now

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