Our experience, as well as the research of many experts in the field of EPIGENETICS, suggests that approximately 95% of all health complaints have an underlying energetic (emotional) cause; and the leading emotional cause is stress. Our work confirms that, in general, we get stuck managing the symptoms until the underlying energy causes are resolved.

Once energy causes are resolved, the body frequently heals itself and radical remissions happen. After the energetic causes are resolved, the body may need other healing modalities in order to efficiently restore homeostasis (wellbeing).  We encourage our students to seek those modalities as needed.

We share the opinion of many health experts that pharmaceuticals are a poor, if not dangerous, way to manage symptoms of chronic conditions. Our practice is built around resolving the underlying energetic causes of health complaints so our students can thrive without pharmaceuticals.

Below is a partial list of stress-related disorders that can respond favorably and quickly to our techniques for releasing discordant energy and suppressed emotions. As you can see, it is a long list with most of what plagues people today. We are pleased to note that many psychological issues have responded favorably to our techniques and we encourage those faced with the daunting prospect of a life on pharmaceuticals to consider discordant energy removal combined with awareness training to experience themselves wholly.