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Radical Remissions and Health Without Pharmceuticals

John Ravnik

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Chief Thriving Officer

There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than having someone leave my office free of pain. People come in with physical pain levels from 1 to 10, and thus far all have left with at least some improvement, and many completely pain-free. It is more difficult to discern improvement for psychological issues in a single session, but within a short time the efficacy of removing discordant energies as a drug-free path to healthful joy is evident.

The body of scientific evidence that supports the idea that stuck energy is the underlying source of many, if not most, diseases is growing. Our brains are capable of changing to allow us to live healthy lives despite what we have heard about our family health histories or from the evening news. The Links section on my Blog page provides places to inform the curious.

Meet John
"I’m frequently asked why I chose “flat feet” as the condition to work on in the Daily Mix television spot. Some find the idea that flat feet can be caused by stuck stress energies preposterous. People are often astonished to learn that nearly any physical condition can be caused by stuck negative emotional energies, aka stress. If the condition appears after the age of 6, there is strong chance it is emotions-related. In this case, discordant energies underlying flat feet were also related to knee and lower back issues. When the energies were released, all the conditions improved. Reliance on a knee brace for support disappeared. Then, the student decided to forego suggested surgery to repair the torn meniscus. The risks inherent in surgery, thousands of dollars in costs, as well as the inconvenient and frequently painful rehab that accompanies orthopedic surgery, were all avoided by $300 of safe, non-invasive Thriving Energies healing."
From Discordant to Coherent

From Discordant to Coherent

Discordant energy blocks are removed by frequencies generated by tuning forks. The frequencies used vary by the discordant emotion and the person. Each person's energy field reveals the frequency needed to remove the block. The void created by the removed energy is then replaced with its coherent opposite.

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Heart Disease

Heart disease is frequently caused by trapped stress emotions.


Trapped stress can be the root cause of many digestive issues, from IBS to pancreatitis.


Removing trapped discordant emotional energy can keep cancer in remission.

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Women's Health

Numerous female health issues can be ameliorated or eradicated by releasing the underlying discordant energies.


Imagine being both depression-free and drug-free. It is possible!


Learning to manage the underlying cause of most illnesses will keep you healthy and extend your life!

Coherence is what gives someone resilience. Resilience is what allows someone to go through everyday life without picking up and installing new discordant energies, which in turn negatively effect health. It is basically a shield keeping negative energies at bay.

Hands down the most effective way to gain coherence, and therefore resilience, is using HeartMath®, a science-based, peer-reviewed method of shifting focus to positivity and gaining insight and intuition. As a certified HeartMath trainer, John utilizes these tools and techniques for you to live a new, healthier life.

John walked the HeartMath path to health himself. His HeartMath journey is what led him to start Thriving Energies™. Read John's HeartMath Journey.

Coherence = Resilience


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“After just a few sessions with John, several issues I have had for years were finally resolved. His protocol is a game changer for those seeking relief and willing to undertake a simple self-care practice.” — Kiley D.

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